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OK Mobile Mechanic is the Auto Repair Mechanic that Comes To You. We save you time and money by bringing professional mechanics, and all the tools they need, to wherever you are in Oklahoma City. Whether it be at your home, business, or road-side, we offer emergency repairs, at-home repairs and routine maintenance. Call Us Today!

With mobile auto repair, there’s never a need to pay for an expensive tow truck if your car breaks down, and woffer significantly lower rates than traditional mechanics. Stop wasting time standing in line at a shop, call us and we will come to you!

If you like, we’re also happy for you to keep an eye on everything we do, right there in your driveway. We’re never going to ‘disappear’ your car into the labyrinth of a dealership where you can’t see what’s being done.

We pride ourselves on being the most honest, straightforward, and trustworthy mechanics in OKC — we’ll never try to sell you on repairs you don’t actually need. Call us today!

Emergency Repairs

Vehicles seem to have a tendency to break down at the worst possible moment. The frustrating experience and anxiety of having car troubles is never fun. In those moments, when you’re stranded on the side of the road, the priority is getting your car back up and running, so you can get to your destination, as quickly as possible.

OK Mobile Mechanic Pros service is the fastest way to get back on the road quickly. Don’t wait for a tow truck, Call Us Today! When time is of the essence, the fastest way to get moving again is to have a skilled and trustworthy mobile mechanic, dispatched to wherever you are, who can set to work fixing the problem right away. 

No Need For A Tow Truck.

Besides offering a lower labor rate than the average brick-and-mortar shop, AutoPros saves you money in another way: as a mobile mechanic, we come to you, or wherever your vehicle is, which means you never need to pay for an expensive towing service. The average cost of tow service in Oklahoma City is between $75 and $150, which, of course, is on top of any diagnosis, parts, and labor your vehicle might need once it’s at the shop. Because our shop is on wheels, there’s simply no need to pay for a tow truck at all — we just fix your car or truck wherever it is, and let you get back on the road without any need for towing.

At Home Auto Repairs

OK Mobile Mechanic is the Auto Repair Mechanic that Comes To You. We save you time and money by bringing professional mechanics, and all the tools they need, to wherever you are in Oklahoma City. When OK Mobile Mechanic Pros comes to meet you at your home or business, you’ll meet and interact directly with the ASC Certified mechanic working on your car, who can answer all of your repair related questions based on direct experience.

With our convenient service, we also make it really simple to keep up on routine maintenance. Standard routine maintenance is the best way to prevent problems, protect your investment in your vehicle, and keep it working reliably so you can be on the go. 

Convenient Routine Maintenance.

Every car needs routine maintenance every 3000 to 5000 miles. In addition to oil and filter changes, it’s crucial to inspect tires, brake and transmission fluid levels and condition, coolant and washer fluid levels, wear on hoses, belts, wiper blades, battery, air filters, and more. 

If left unattended over time, small issues that could be fixed easily and cheaply, can develop into much more serious problems — problems that cost far more to fix, and that leave you stranded on the side of the road with a unsafe and unreliable vehicle.

Let OK Mobile Mechanic Pros come to you, whenever it’s convenient, anywhere in OKC. We make prevention our priority and take care of those routine checks and repairs, without taking up much of your valuable time. It’s the smart investment, keep your car running great, and give yourself the peace of mind that your vehicle is always in safe, drivable condition.

Routine maintenance makes it easy to prevent problems before they happen, keeping you from having a disaster on the road.

One-On-One Service.

When OK Mobile Mechanic Pros comes to meet you at your home or business, you’ll meet and interact directly with the person who is actually working on your car. At most brick-and-mortar shops and repair facilities, there are many mechanics, techs, and service writers, and it’s often the case that you’ll never interact with the person who will be doing the repairs on your vehicle. With our mobile mechanic service, you’ll be talking straight to the ASC Certified mechanic who will actually be doing the repairs, which means you can ask questions and get answers based on direct experience, and you’ll have the sense of trust and security that comes from looking your mechanic in the eye and hearing their honest take on your repair.

Your Car Stays In Sight.

One of the most unnerving parts of taking your car to a shop, especially a larger shop or dealership, is the moment where someone (often a mechanic or assistant you’ve never met before) hops behind the wheel and drives your truck or car off to some out-of-sight bay, who knows where. At OK Mobile Mechanic Pros, we’ve always found this type of thing a little unnerving. With our service, though, your car is never leaving your driveway, your company’s parking lot, or the street outside your place. We’re happy to have you see what we’re working on whenever you like, and you can be sure we’re always doing exactly what’s been agreed upon, with no unpleasant surprises. 

We Save You Time.

OK Mobile Mechanic Pros is all about respecting you and your time. Because we come to you, on your schedule, you can fit a mechanic appointment into your day much more easily than with a traditional shop. And because the auto repairs are done at your home or office, you can do what you’d otherwise be doing, with only a short interruption as an expert mechanic arrives and quickly gets to work on your car or truck. Instead of being at the mercy of the mechanic, OK Mobile Mechanic Pros is with you, anywhere in OKC, at your convenience.

The average trip to a traditional brick-and-mortar mechanic is a pain and a huge time sink. Driving across town, sitting in an uncomfortable waiting room, reading old magazines and trying to stay patient as someone in front of you takes forever to argue with the manager. With a mobile mechanic like OK Mobile Mechanic Pros, you’ll never have that sort of frustration. You can be at home or the office, spending the time while your car is being fixed doing whatever you need to do, taking care of whatever needs taken care of. Other than a few quick conversations, it’s just another day. Instead of the waiting room, wouldn’t you rather be spending time with your kids? Or getting ahead on your work? Or even watching Netflix or playing video games on your couch? With AutoPros mobile auto repair, we’re happy to save you time and energy while respecting your schedule.

We Save You Money.

OK Mobile Mechanic Pros offers top-tier auto service, with some of the best mechanics in town, but at a cost far below other mechanics in Oklahoma City. Because of our unusual, low-overhead mobile auto repair model, our labor rate is extremely competitive. That means we’re able to offer incredible service, on your schedule — and still save you a lot of money. Better service at a lower price is a win-win.

The average mechanic has a lot of expenses — a shop, an office, expensive lifts and hydraulics, a staff to run them, to clean things, insurance for all that standing equipment. At OK Mobile Mechanic Pros, we don’t have any of those expenses, which allows us to keep our labor rates significantly lower than any physical shop in town. At the end of the day, mobile auto repair means you’re paying less money for better, more convenient service.


Waiting rooms have always been an uncomfortable bore. But recently, they’ve also become potentially hazardous. Sitting in a small, enclosed room, with other folks who could potentially be sick is simply an unneeded risk right now. Because we’re a mobile mechanic, AutoPros is able to offer no-contact auto repair service, so you can get your vehicle maintained or repaired while keeping you and your family safe. 

Honest and Trustworthy Service

At OK Mobile Mechanic Pros, we’re proud of our mobile auto repair service model, and we love that we’re able to offer you incredible, top-tier service, at an extremely competitive price. But all of that is worthless if you can’t trust us. We take pride in honest, straight dealing. We tell the truth, and do exactly what we say, nothing more and nothing less. Some mechanics try to make a few extra bucks recommending unneeded repairs, or “up-selling” you on parts you don’t need. At AutoPros, we’d prefer to tell you the truth, even if it means making less in the short term, because we want to earn your business for a lifetime. That’s just the way we do business.